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Hotels, Rooms, Accommodation, Trat province is located 395 kilometres away from Bangkok, consist of 52 islands with stunning natural spots including waterfalls and tropical forests in the area. Trat is truly one of the most vibrant destinations in Thailand and the must feature in your trip. Trat is located in the heart of the natural surrounded Sites with the gorgeous Mountains (most charming tourist attractions in Trat) and absolutely beautiful beaches (Koh Chang and others). There are also some quality number of restaurants, fantastic shops and extensive range of hotels accommodation on offer.

Trat City is indeed a truly ingredient of tropical atmosphere and impressive architecture and will soon become the most popular city in Thailand especially for the honeymoon couplers. The tourist attractions in Trat ranges from mainly of the tropical natural beauties (natural parks and sanctuaries) to the beautiful beaches (Of course so as Hotels and resorts). Thus, Here is the lovely gateway to the nature in Thailand. The Climate is comfortable with the average temperature approximately 28 C. 

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