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Hotels, Rooms, Accommodation, Koh Samui Island is certainly one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations, adorned by the white sand and beautiful beaches. Usually considered as the ‘next Phuket’, Koh Samui Island revealed slowly to the world a stunning island offers its beautifully traditional version of Thailand. Koh Samui Island offers visitors white coastline, warm crystal water, lush coconut and palm trees. Most visitors come to Koh Samui Island to relax and explore the warm climate with sunbathe, Swimming, tour local villages, diving, surfing, snorkel or visiting traditional fisher men village for some local treasures. Weather in Koh Samui Island is very stable with tropical climate rendering 12 hours of sunshine. The rainy season between October and March and the dry season between May and September. The average temperature is consistent at 28 C to 33 C. Accommodation, Hotels and Resorts are found with international standard.

A veritable haven for vacationers is at a distance of 4hrs away from Bangkok - Thailand. The island consists of boasts of beautiful beaches, white squeaky sand, waterfalls and interesting rock formations. Koh Samui Island also provides a wide variety of Water enthusiasts' activities, such as sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing and kitesurfing while adventure seekers can participate in cliff diving. However, you can still experience the traditional native livings who rely on coconut farming and fishing as their main sources of income on Koh Samui. We offer hotels, resorts, rooms, and accommodation in Koh Samui Island.

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