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Hotels, Rooms, Accommodation, East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand is the ideal beach with its own fun-filled and Oriental charms, that attracts travellers irrespective of age. Pattaya, there is offers or the other for everyone. Various of attractions and places from water sports, snooker, swimming, Dancing, white sand Beach, coconuts and palm trees, sunshine, beach massage, cuisine, shows and much more. Just only 145 kilometres southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is the place to be.

Pattaya is a very truly popular tourist destination in Thailand. Pattaya also offers a wide range of activities for the tourists to indulge in like snorkeling, diving and swimming with crystal clear water. Accommodation, Hotels, Resorts are in the top class quality. Here are the gateway you would expect from a tropical paradise. The stunning city of Pattaya, Thailand has been recognized as the gorgeous beach city for many years. City, infact, offer much more than pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and natural beauty. You can go diving, snorkelling, fishing, swimming in the sea, performing Tai Chi, ect. Or you can simply rest yourself on Sun bathing and the long leisurely walks. In addition, Pattaya offers a wide range of extensive restaurants that serve local Thailand's cuisine which emphasizes on fresh food, and international dishes. Come and visit Pattaya city of Thailand and you ll fall in love to this peaceful city.

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