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Hotels, Rooms, Accommodation, The province of Songkhla is the principal seaport of Thailand with rich in culture, vibrant waterfalls and a unique hospitality that impresses you the first moment. Welcome to Songkhla, The bustling capital city of Indonesia, has developed a very fast growing tourism infrastructure.  It has a number of notable attractions on celebrations of life. Here, you’ll find some fantastic historic and multifarious characters.

The most well know city here is "Had Yai (Hat Yai)". The tourist highlights are mainly located in Songkhla's central district of Had Yai, such as Fresh Market, Duty Free, International Cuisine, Spa and night clubs, shopping Centre, entertainment arcade. Songkhla and Hat Yai’s weather enjoys a tropical climate. Temperatures range from 24 to 30C with the humid and sultry conditions. sea breezes are refreshing cooled from the ocean. Hotels and accommodation is ranked from 5 stars hotels to good budget hotels.

A majority of visitors who come to Songkhla must visit Hat Yai, the busiest commercial city in south of Thailand it borders on Malaysia. Had Yai (Hat Yai), the capital city of Songkhla is Thailand's famous city, located at the heart. City is know as a major business port in Indonesia and South East Asia. However, among the center of industry and commercial hubs, Hat Yai (Had Yai) Songkhla offers visitor the historical site and traditional Mosque as well. Besides, We offer hotels, resorts, rooms, and accommodation in Had Yai and Songkhla.

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