Scuba Diving Dive Sites Phuket

Koh Racha Yai-Noi, Shark Point, Anemone Reef, Dok Mai Island, Phi Phi, King Cruiser Wreck, Similan

Thailand's unique scuba diving destinations has long been kept wonder of a secret from the world. Phuket is blessed with beautiful seas, offers visitors the spectacular diverse underwater experiences with an unforgettable diving experience. It's the World-class diving vacation, heavenly ultimate port to embark and immaculate gorgeous beaches. With clear water visibility, an average water around 29º C, and unexplored reefs, Phuket - Thailand provides some of the most best and supreme Scuba Diving Dive Sites Phuket found anywhere in the world.

Explore the most famous dive landscapes around Phuket, with only take an hour + 30 mins boat trip. They offer great variations of under water's seascape (rocky wall, colorful soft or hard coral, boulders, unexplored reefs) at different depth. Koh Racha Yai-Noi, Shark Point, Anemone Reef, Dok Mai Island, Phi Phi, King Cruiser Wreck, Similan, divers can choose our undersea treasures. We offer several Scuba Diving Dive Sites Phuket.

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School of fishes for our Scuba Diving Dive Sites Phuket

Racha Yai Diving

"Big King Island" is situated about 1 ½ hrs (11kns) south of Phuket - Thailand. Raja Yai offers hard coral reefs, sandy seabed, shallow water coral boulders and, of course, the stunning beaches.
There are a wealth of dive sites  which are excellently suitable for beginners and snorkel.

Raya Noi Diving
Raya Noi Diving

Raja Noi offers the furthest scuba dive sites with a good variety of underwater boulders and scenery, with only 15 km south of Phuket - Thailand. You can feel that Racha Noi Island is truly like Similan Islands. The extra depth and distance means divers a exciting chance to see some of the larger fish like Manta Rays and Whale Sharks.

Shark Point Diving
Shark Point Diving


Shark Point, a small rock at Hin Mu Sang lying 1½ hrs east of Phuket - Thailand, is a marine sanctuary with a great variety of fishes. The main attractions are the large beautiful sea fans and colourful soft corals around the magnificent pinnacle, tropical fish, and the Leopard Sharks.

Anemone Reef Diving
Anemone Reef Diving

This Hin Jom (Submerged Rock) lies just close to Shark Point, has dramatically great fields of beautiful sea anemones. Approachable, trusting  Leopard Sharks are also to be seen together with some huge schools of smaller fish and some bigger marine such as, Moray eels, Tuna and Barracuda.

Dok Mai Island Diving
Dok Mai Island Diving

A Flower Island (in Thai)  situated an hour east of Phuket - Thailand. A vertical wall limestone islet and caves dive where you can spot everything. A great variety of invertebrates are also to be found here, such as lobster, crabs, sea horse, zigzag clams, and moray eels.

Phi Phi Islands Diving
Phi Phi Islands Diving

The Phi Phi Islands are real potpourri of undersea sensations for scuba diving. It rapidly becomes famous for their scenery above the crystal, but undersea, the tropical marine life is also just as spectacular. As a diver, you'll enjoy the beautiful limestone cliffs towering above the ocean. The picturesque coral encrusted emerald water attracts a large variety of myriad and diverse marine life. You may get a good change to see the whale shark.

King Cruiser Wreck Diving
King Cruiser Wreck Diving

Close to Shark Point, King Cruiser lying almost perfectly at a depth between 13 and 32 m, with the weight of 3,000 ton. It sank in May 1997 at 10:30 am by hitting the underwater pinnacle with no loss of life. As re result, wreck is now home of a variety of marine creatures, such as big eye trevally, scorpion fish, barracuda, snappers and fusiliers. The surrounding areas also provide place for squid, puffer fish and the usual moray eels. The wreck can impress divers who never experienced a wreck before and enjoy underwater's heaven

Similan Island Diving

The Similans Islands situated on North-West of Phuket - areas are composed of 9 picturesque islands surrounded by all beautiful marine, stunning beaches, tropical forest.

Koh Bon is located about 20 kilometers North of Koh Similan - and features a 33 meter wall facing a small cove, and a step-down ridge that carries on to depths of over 50 meters

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