Phi Phi Island Dive Site-Phuket Diving Day Trip

Situated east of Phuket - Thailand, the Phi Phi Islands are a real famous dive site even for those sensations of the great scuba diving paradise.

As a diver, you will see that the stunning limestone cliffs towering above the blue-green ocean become sheer drop-offs and fancy coral garden encrusted field under the water, with a huge and colorful variety of tropical marine life.

The Phi Phi (Pee Pee) Islands lie in a National Marine Park in southern Thailand, so islands have become a top class diving destination for over many years. Besides, the marine fish is substantially different to other scuba destinations in Thailand. Diver can enjoy shallow, hard and soft coral gardens covering seabed amongst the myriad colorful life. Many big fishes can be seen here, such as green and hawksbill turtles, Leopard Sharks, black and white banded sea snakes, Manta rays, squid, angelfish, Barracuda, crocodile long-toms, tuna, and black-tip reef sharks.

Even  are  known to visit! Besides that, there is a good likelihood that you may see occasionally leopard whale sharks swimming in Phi Phi's ocean.

General Information
Boat Trip 100 minutes. Approx.
Depth 3 - 27 metres
Experience Level OK for all levels
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Reef type Coral gardens, limestone rock, walls
Visibility Variable from 5-30 metres
Current Variable, often strong, good drift diving
Coral Lush colorful soft corals, healthy hard corals
Fish Quantities and varieties excellent
Highlights Leopard sharks, dramatic landscape above and below the water, caves, vertical walls, and many colorful soft corals.
PROGRAM DETAIL:  M/V West Coast Discovery

More boar details
Nondiver & Snorkeler: 1,500-1,750 Baht - Speaking divemaster: English - Thai

Instructor + Equipments are included for non-license

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
: Racha Yai - 2 dives
             (Extra 1400 for non-license)
3,000 Baht
Tuesday: Shark Point + King Cruiser + Koh Dok Mai - 3 dives 3,500 Baht
Thursday, Sunday
: Shark Point + Anemone Reef+ Koh Dok Mai -  3 dives
 3,500 Baht
Saturday: Phi Phi Islands - 2 dives
              (Extra 1400 for non-license)
3,500 Baht
Remark Full set equip.
500    Baht



More boar details
Nondiver & Snorkeler: 50% off
Packages: 6 Dives: Save 10% - 10 Dives: Save 15%
Speaking divemaster: English - Thai - Japanese

Monday, Friday: Phi Phi Islands - 3 dives 3,600 Baht
Tuesday: Racha Yai - 2 dives        3,100 Baht
Wednesday: Shark point - 2 dives 3,100 Baht
Thursday, Sunday: Racha Yai + Noi - 3 dives 3,600 Baht
Saturday: Anemone Reef - 2 Dive 3,100 Baht
Remark Full set equip.    750 Baht



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