Racha Noi Island Dive Site-Phuket Diving Day Trip


Racha Noi Island (Koh Raya Noi or lLittle King) is located only 5 kms south of Racha Yai, Phuket - Thailand. More experienced divers will enjoy their scuba diving with more oceanic landscape. South Reef offers a very good scuba dive site with the scenery and underwater landscape is similar to Similan.  Submerged pinnacle rises up and its ground hosts marine life, nice for drift dive. Currents are usually quite strong, but you can spot larger fish, such as Manta rays, moray eels, Octopus, giant pufferfish, are generally seen here. Besides, you can occasionally dive circle and feed whalesharks. If you are lucky, you could see turtles at Marita's Rock - Racha Noi Island and enjoy your dive here.

General Information
Boat Trip 1 hour 10 min. Approx.
Depth 10-40 metres
Experience Level Experienced divers
Reef type pinnacles hard rock soft and hard corals
Visibility Good to excellent 20 metres or more
Current Can be strong
Coral hard and soft corals
Fish Whale sharks, Manta rays, Leopard sharks, Barracuda, many schools of smaller and bigger fish
Highlights Different landscape and rock formations, frequent chances to see the larger fish such as the whale shark.

More boar details
Nondiver & Snorkeler: 50% off
Packages: 6 Dives: Save 10% - 10 Dives: Save 15%
Speaking divemaster: English - Thai - Japanese

Monday, Friday: Phi Phi Islands - 3 dives 3,600 Baht
Tuesday: Racha Yai - 2 dives        3,100 Baht
Wednesday: Shark point - 2 dives 3,100 Baht
Thursday, Sunday: Racha Yai + Noi - 3 dives 3,600 Baht
Saturday: Anemone Reef - 2 Dive 3,100 Baht
Remark Full set equip.    750 Baht



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