Anemone Reef Dive Site-Phuket Diving Day Trip


Anemone Reef or Hin Jom (submerged rock) is a pinnacle that the surface 5-8 meters of the water to the sky blue and depth of 20-27 meters at the seabed, about 580 metres north of Shark Point (Hin Muang.)

Diving Anemone Reef usually take off with a sloping to the ground of the pinnacle. You can then enjoy diving circle your way up the reef while explore wonderful creature and huge fields of sea anemone. Currents usually create an illusion of  beautiful living reefs but  sometime your diving guide will take you on a zigzag path up one side of the submerged rock to avoid difficult fining against the current.

Which ever way you visit Anemone Reef, it's a beautiful dive site and the crystal water are a magnet to wonderful creatures of Anemone Reef.  Huge schools of colorful fish are found everywhere, such as snappers, groupers, and  scorpionfish, along with rarely seen-fish like Adult harlequin sweetlips  and Red-tail butterflyfish , and of course famous leopard shark. Anemone Reef is also famous as it is very close to Phuket Shark Point, sometimes encountered in-groups of twelve or more for all level of diver.

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General Information
Boat Trip 90 minutes. Approx.
Depth 5-24 metres
Experience Level Beginners should dive with a Divemaster
Reef type Coral gardens, rock
Visibility Variable from 5 - 25 metres
Current Variable, often strong
Coral Scattered, beautiful soft colored corals
Fish Quantities and varieties excellent
Highlights Leopard sharks, several species of moray eels, great soft corals
PROGRAM DETAIL:  M/V West Coast Discovery

More boar details
Nondiver & Snorkeler: 1,500-1,750 Baht - Speaking divemaster: English - Thai

Instructor + Equipments are included for non-license

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
: Racha Yai - 2 dives
             (Extra 1400 for non-license)
3,000 Baht
Tuesday: Shark Point + King Cruiser + Koh Dok Mai - 3 dives 3,500 Baht
Thursday, Sunday
: Shark Point + Anemone Reef+ Koh Dok Mai - 3 dives
 3,500 Baht
Saturday: Phi Phi Islands - 2 dives
              (Extra 1400 for non-license)
3,500 Baht
Remark Full set equip.
500    Baht

More boar details
Nondiver & Snorkeler: 50% off
Packages: 6 Dives: Save 10% - 10 Dives: Save 15%
Speaking divemaster: English - Thai - Japanese

Monday, Friday: Phi Phi Islands - 3 dives 3,600 Baht
Tuesday: Racha Yai - 2 dives        3,100 Baht
Wednesday: Shark point - 2 dives 3,100 Baht
Thursday, Sunday: Racha Yai + Noi - 3 dives 3,600 Baht
Saturday: Anemone Reef - 2 Dive 3,100 Baht
Remark Full set equip.    750 Baht



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