Phuket Festival

Songkran, Vegetarian Festival, Loi Kratong Festival

Phuket Vegetarian festival

January through February
Apart from the famous New Year celebration held at major beaches around Phuket Island, Chinese New Year comes in Febuary or around the end of January, according to Chinese calender. Phuket Town puts on a sign of boisterous, firecrackers, colorful dragon parades, Chinese live music and your favorite Chinese food stalls.

The Songkran festival is the most frenetic Phuket festival in the Thailand, it is the advent of Thai New Year and all-around national water splashing. Ceblebration from the 13th to 15th April each year, at least by lots and lots of water! From the sprinkling of water, water guns, buckets, hoses and anything else that can do water fighting onto someone, everyone gets soaking wet with the hottest climate of the year. This has to be one of the friendliest, though wet refreshing, wet everywhere and a good way to make new friends.

Keep cameras and other electronic devices protected if you participate in Songkran, no complaint for any damages! It’s not advisable to drive a motorbike during this festival.


A colorful Vegetarian Festival event held over a nine day period in early October is celebrated in around Phuket Town only. For this weeklong celebration, Chinese Buddhists believe that abstinence from any meats and eat only vegetarian food will enhance them in good health and peace of mind. They are strictly on vegetarian diet, thinking and living clean with praying to the Nine Emperor Gods (Kiu Ong Lah) for a nine-day period Phuket Festival.

There are the most exciting parts of the Vegetarian Festival - ceremonies and processions, which are both interesting and shocking. Invoking the gods by self-mortification as mediums of the gods is practiced. During these celebrations, participants parade through the streets in Phuket Town, puncture their cheeks and body with various items, such as bicycle wheels, knives, skewers, spears and the like. The belief is to eradicate evil spirits from the community. Besides, there are several activities performed, such as fire-walking, knife-bladed ladder climbing and hot-oil bathing. Check the local information at the time for more information. Vegetarian foods sold there is well worth to try.

The romantic festival not to be missed. Thailand has many rivers around the country, some of them are spectacular, beautiful and magical. In November's full moon, the Loi Krathong Festival is aim to pay the respect to the goddess of rivers and waterways. Loy Krathong is celebrated throughout all over the country, min-floats (kratong) are made from banana trunks, resembling with flowers, incense sticks and candles. This symbolizes the washing away of troubles, sins and a call for a good luck and fortunes. For Phuket Island, as the sun dips below and the moon rises instead in the evening, people converge around the beautiful beaches throughout the island to release their kratongs.

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